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a.) A static URL where the API is supposed to be integrated. It needs to be whitelisted from Decision Logic so that banking verification widget work properly.

b.) A success URL where the end user is supposed to be pointed if he/she successfully verified the banking details with Decision Logic.

c.) A failure URL where the end user is supposed to be pointed if he/she was unable to verify the banking details with Decision Logic for any reason.

Brief Walkthrough

Brief Walkthrough:

Step 1: Collect and pass the data to the API in the mentioned format and in the response, you will get the Application ID as well as the amount (Application Fee) that you are supposed to collect from the end user.

Step 2: In the 2nd step, you are supposed to create a request code so that the end user can verify the banking details in the step 3. The output of the 2nd step, will be the request code.

Step 3: You will get an embeddable widget and you need to pass the request code generated in the 2nd step as parameter in this widget. End user to supposed to enter his internet banking details here so that KYC and banking details can be verified.

Step 4: If the banking details is verified successfully, you need to define a success page and the success page should be the payment page. The 4th step would be to get the payment from the end user. The payment wouldn’t be deducted immediately as it would be authorized only.

Credit Application Widget

Our credit application widget is a secure iFrame that is used to collect form data and transfer it securely to your backend CMS for underwriting. The Credit Application Widget comes built in with both business and consumer credit that can be toggled by clicking on the arrows located in the header of the frame.

See the Pen Business Credit Application by KAPED (@kaped25) on CodePen.

Bill Pay Widget

Deploy anywhere in the <body>, the Bill Pay Widget sits at the bottom right hand screen as a chat widget to allow your end users to verify their account by inputting their last 4 card number and CVV code so they can view their balance and pay their bill via

See the Pen KAPED Bill Pay Widget by Vashon Gonzales (@kaped25) on CodePen.

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