Launch Your Own

"Chase Sapphire"


"AMEX Gold Card"

Using Our



Embedded Credit Program

Valuable Offering

Increase credibility, brand awareness, and client stickiness by implementing your own fees

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Easy Tech

Our code is the easiest to deploy on the market, a 5-year-old can do it with no IT team needed

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Passive Income

Earn recurring income from 9 separate revenue streams per cardholder onboarded

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Welcome To Core

Building blocks for the next generation

credit cards

Easily build every aspect of your program: the credit card looks and material, program rewards and fees, all the way down to the deployable login boxes and credit application widget.


The only

FREE solution

to adding credit to your offering

Credit card programs use to be under heavy lock and key; closely guarded secrets reserved for only venture-backed fintechs. Now you have access to this offering without needing an IT team.



Embedded Credit platform

Gone are the days of needing to invest in an IT department + 2-4 years of development. Easily leverage our tech to deploy a premium credit card experience as quickly as a few hours.

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