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"KAPED has approached the credit card industry from a unique angle!"

Reinvest in your

Turn a one-time payment into a lifetime customer using credit cards.


Issue White Label Credit Cards

Do you sell high ticket items? reinvest those funds back into your customers with a credit card and earn residual commission every day.


Offer a way to build your clients credit history


Increase interchange revenue from your merchants

Loan Brokers

Build a portfolio of recurring revenue from spend

Marketing Agencies

Put your client's ad spend budget on a credit card for extra revenue

Debt Collections

Incentivize pay-in-full debtors by offering a credit card

Credit Unions

Quickly setup a credit card program for your clients


Build your card program

-Your Way!

No IT department, No VC backing, and No Experience needed to get setup and start building your book of business using our Credit-as-an-Asset™ program.


Cost too much


Too much upkeep


Not enough revenue


Never Tried

Why businesses don't offer

fintech products

Too Expensive, Alot of Work, Low Revenue

KAPED offers a FREE, EASY, & PROFITABLE credit card issuing platform suitable for nearly every business!

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Meet our friends and strategic partners

KAPED offers customized private label, easy to deploy financial technologies to our partners for FREE thanks to...

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Card program ownership and Book of business is

recorded on the blockchain

Your card is minted as a unique NFT and given to you as a key to automatically unlock and manage your book of business. You will need to sell this key to give your ownership rights to someone else.

More than just


We provide our partners a full suite of backend services, so you spend more time marketing and less time worrying about compliance.


We manage the entire flow of payments


Machine learning algorithm for quick decisions

Fraud & Risk Mitigation

KYC/KYB and bank account verification

Customer Service

Our customer service is available 24/7

Compliance & Legal

KAPED will maintain all licensing

Bank Relationship

Use KAPED's connections to go to market faster


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